Piggy Polish in Mermaid

I know Piggy Polish goes on toes but I just couldn't bring myself to photographing my painted toes.  So you will just have to deal with it on my fingernails. :p

Mermaid by Piggy Polish is a lovely opalescent green/teal shade.  It is very sheer, I'm wearing 3 coats to get some opacity with Essie Millionails as a base and OPI Top Coat on top.  There is still a visible nail line as you can see in the photos.

You could almost call this color a duo chrome with how it shimmers like a Mermaid's tail when the light hits it.  Sometimes it's invisible, other times it flashes blue and green.  I had difficulty capturing the depth of color in this shade.

Trust me you'll be staring at your nails a lot while wearing this shade.  And who knows maybe on your toes it could magically bring you a lovely matching tail at the beach.  Whatever will that cute lifeguard do?

Feeling like channeling your inner mermaid?


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