Neutrogena Naturals Fresh Cleansing + Makeup Remover

Miracle work horse in a bottle, oh you betcha!  Neutrogena has changed everything I ever thought about cleaning my face with a two in one product that works like a charm.  I have to say I was very pleased when I started using it.  Within the first week the few blemishes I did have cleared up, but it took me till the second week to really see major results.  My redness had gone down dramatically, my face had that glow that I had not seen since my pre-acne youth, the skin bumps were vanishing, and my pores were starting to look smaller.  Even on closer inspection of my nose I could tell the pores were much cleaner than any nose strip could ever have hoped to achieve.

But how did this measure up to makeup removal?  I normally use a separate item for removing my makeup and was letting this do the second sweep on any remnants still lurking on my face.  So I decided to give it a work out.  Layers of waterproof mascara, waterproof eye liner, deep dark eye shadow, and lip stain complete with the reddest lipstick I own.  And you know what, it passed with flying colors I must say.  It removed every spec and left nothing behind.  <3!

I even tried it a few times with no follow up toner or moisturizer just to see how it fared.  My skin never felt tight or dry.  The oil slick that sometimes brews on my face throughout the day seemed to be producing less as well.  I don't know how or why it just works.

I know I know I seem to love every product but this one really changed my life.  Most cleansers I've used have never fully fixed so many problems I have.  Even Proactive made things worse for me.  Combo skin with an oily T-zone is tough to treat sometimes but I have to say going Natural was what finally did it for me.

Have you gone natural in any products you use daily?  Share share share!


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