NARS Kismet Nail Polish

NARS Kismet is the answer to those of us that want to rock the summer yellow nail polish trend but find the bright color options a little too, well bright.

A sinfully sweet sunflower yellow that reminds me of liquid gold in the bottle.  Just tilt the bottle back and forth a few times and watch the liquid move, it's hypnotic.  The picture above was taken with a flash to show off the gleaming color in all it's glory.

Even in low light there's an ethereal quality to Kismet.  Something akin to nails of pure gold, captured sunshine, or simple happiness.  Kismet went on like a dream too, it applied so smoothly I didn't have to touch them up.  It also was opaque in one coat but I put on two any way.  I'm currently sporting this color on my toes and my fingers cause I love it so much.  Kismet adds that touch of destiny to my every day and I just love that about this polish!

Is Kismet in your future?


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