NARS Exotic Dance Eye Shadow Duo

I can almost here the jangle of coins on a belly dancer's costume when I look at NARS Exotic Dance.  Never before has an eye shadow so closely resembled it's name sake.

Shimmery silvery white, that reminds me of flowing gauzey veils coupled with a deep metallic gold that shines like coins and beads on a dancer's hips.  The perfect pairing of colors to highlight and accent the eyes without being too much. 

The camera doesn't do this pair justice.  It's not capturing the rich shine that both these shadows have.  Not glittery at all, nor is it a true shimmer, it's like the shadows are lit from within and shine with their own light.

See what I mean about the colors glowing.  It's not even a good swatch picture and you can see how they shine with just a tiny amount of light.  Now imagine these on your lids, perfect neutral shades that compliment any eye adding that perfect touch of mystery to your look.  Paired with a soft or deep red shade of lipstick and a touch of black liner any woman would look exquisite. 

The shadows themselves are soft and creamy, easily blendable, and this duo would go with any eye color or skin tone in my opinion.  Plus NARS shadows can be worn sheer or built up for a deep richer hue and can be used wet or dry.  The NARS duo shadows are a good deal for the price, you get two nearly full sized shadows that are designed to go together for just a bit more than a single shadow. 

Are you feeling the dance?


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