NARS Cap Ferrat Trio Eye Shadow

Close your eyes for a second.  Now imagine your lying in a beach chair, your painted toes buried in the warm sand as a sweet ocean breeze blows your hair around, down the way you see the ocean waves crash against the beach.  Now open your eyes.

Isn't it perfectly beachy!  It is in fact named for the Alpes-Maritimes in France, but I think the colors are so much more than the beauty of the mountains.  These colors make me think of sunny surf filled days at the beach.  A trio of blue and green shades to wash upon lids or build up for intense color.

From left to right: an icy sea foam green that reminds me of foam capped waves, a silver green like the outside curve of a wave as it crests, and finally a deep turquoise that looks like you're staring into the tunnel of a wave.  Aren't these colors just amazing!  The texture is soft and easily blendable just like all NARS shadows.  The SO really likes this palette.  He's a big blues and greens fan.

The colors were swatched backwards with the turquoise on the left, green center, and sea foam on the right.  I know I make things backwards sometimes.  But just look at those shimmering sparkling beauties!  I think I might only wear this palette from now on when I hit the beach and pool this summer.  Do I really need anything else?  It's so not your Mother's or Grandmother's 1970's blue eye shadow.  No, this is something timeless, something perfect for any occasion.  This is the new blue and green eye shadow for your collection.

What will you be wearing to the beach and pool this summer?


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