Laura Geller Eye Rimz

"Are you watching QVC?...Wait are you buying more make-up?" came the question from TeenMisfit one night.  I replied that I was and continued to finalize my purchase.  "Do you really need more make-up?" he snarked back at me.  I glared at him over the iPad, "May I remind you who provides you with the latest video games and also dictates how much Fallout: New Vegas time you are allowed to have."  Defeated, TeenMisfit returns to his boy cave in the hopes that the Evil and Crazy Make-up Lady does not take away his beloved game.  Three days later the Laura Geller Eye Rimz were all mine to play with.

Top: Crystal Cobalt and Hocus Pocus (Green)
Bottom: Potion (Purple), Bewitching Bronze, and Gold Spell
Not Shown: Copper Cadabra

I normally don't make purchases from QVC, that's more my Mom's territory, but who can resist free shipping and $3 off when you purchase more than one Eye Rimz.  (BTW I am pretty sure that offer is still going on if you want to jump on it now)

I was in love with these as soon as they came on the screen.  Beautiful, baked, jeweled, sparkling, and easy to apply wet or dry.  Winner winner, chicken dinner.  Oh and did I mention each one comes with an Eye Rimz brush that makes the application process quick and idiot proof?

The brushes work wonders, they pick up the right amount of product and apply a nice even line across the eyes.  Why didn't I discover these sooner?

Bewitching Bronze
Crystal Cobalt
Gold Spell
Copper Cadabra
Hocus Pocus (Green)
Potion (Purple)
Colors to flatter every eye color and skin tone.  Have I mentioned how much I love their deep richness?
Crystal Cobalt, Bewitching Bronze, Gold Spell
Potion (Purple) and Hocus Pocus (Green)
Copper Cadabra
I wore Hocus Pocus, the deep emerald green shade, the other day for work.  Pix were taken after I got home but you can still see how lovely and vivid it is.

Available at QVC and Laura Geller.

Will you picking any colors up?


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