Hot Mama Monday - Benefit Prrrowl

Hot Mama Monday is a series that spotlights one item that I feel is a must have in your beauty bag.  If you only pick up one item this week have it be a Hot Mama item!

I don't know why but whenever I pull out Benefit Prrrowl Madonna's Express Yourself starts playing in my head.  Maybe it's my love of sparklie anything or perhaps cause this product is peacock blue perfection.  I don't know the reason but if Prrrowl has a theme song Express Yourself must be it.

Prrrowl is one of those little secrets of the Benefit collection, a mascara and lip gloss duo filed away in two categories on the site.  Prrrowl is the kind of product that most women would pass on, saying it's too sparklie or too young even.  Honestly, it's the perfect all in one quick face.

The peacock blue side is a glimmery mascara top coat, that could double as an eye liner as well.  It adds just a hint of sparkle that gives your lashes a little something something.  As an eye liner it's a deep jewel sapphire color that gives your eyes a wake up that no double espresso could ever achieve.

The pink side holds a lip gloss filled with iridescent blue micro shimmer.  Just opaque enough to be worn alone but also sheer enough to work over a lipstick.  It's almost like this lip gloss knows if you're wearing lipstick or not.  Smart gloss.

I went deep on the swatches so the color of both could stand out more against my skin tone.  I love Prrrowl and I reach for it nearly every day.  The shimmer of both is perfect for work and night time looks and worn alone just the right amount of make-up for daytime as well.  Give Prrrowl some love and let her Express Yourself!

What makes you a Hot Mama?  Tell us about it in the comments!


Ralph Bishop said…
This is a great post thanks for writing it

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