Holy Grail Product! - Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder

Look familiar?  Perhaps you've seen the container on the left sitting on your Grandmother, Aunt, or even your Mother's vanity table?  Oh yes this classic powder is indeed a Holy Grail Product, the beauty secret of many a woman and make-up artist staple.

I knew about this powder for years but never thought it would be my shiny face saving grace!  I never imagined a drug store buy would be just what my face needed.  It keeps my shine at bay for longer than regular powders and when I do have to blot and reapply powder, less product is needed.  I also swear this product is improving my pores and skin.  A light airy powder that covers and doesn't clog and some how magically keeps shine at bay.  I LOVE THIS POWDER!!!

I wasn't sure which color I was going to need.  Rosey Beige, shown above, was a nice match for my touch of olive Italian skin tone but Translucent, shown below, is also a safe bet too since I am a bit pale as well.  I know never a perfect match but who cares when at such a cheap price you can grab both!  So I did and now it's all I wear under everything or just as is.  Rosey Beige has just enough color to act as a blush too or  all over my face as a subtle bronzer-esque powder without all the shimmer and shine.  Plus Rosey Beige came in the old style packaging that I love and I couldn't pass that up now could I?

Translucent is perfect for the fairer skin tone and leaves no residue or white powder behind.  The puff that came with it is a bust and the holes in this sifter are not perfect.  Mostly this is due to the fact that the powder is quite dense and there is A METRIC TON of it.  This powder will last you a long time, trust me I think my Grandmother only bought 1 to 2 a year.  The older packaging has to have holes punched in it, which is preferable than attempting to peel the plastic layer off.  You might wind up with powder every where if you try.

I heavily swatched both just to show you a comparison.  Rosey Beige is on the left and Translucent the right.  You can see how light and airy the finely milled powder is.  It glides on like a dream and I swear it improves your skin.  It's like magical fairie dust or something!  There is a slight perfumed scent to the powder.  You might say it's kind of Grandmother scented, very floral and perfume heavy.  I don't mind the scent at all but those that have allergies or do not like scented products might want to consider this before purchase.  Beyond that I honestly think this product is a must have for everyone.  Go now and run to your corner drug store and pick it up!

Have you found a Holy Grail Product! yourself?  Tell us about it below.


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