Geeky Clean TARDI-Soap, it's bigger on the inside

Did I mention this is Will Wheaton approved?  Oh I haven't, well cause it is.  And why not!  Scented with a delicate vanilla custard scent I at first found it to be both spicy and sweet.  A sort of musky and bubble gum type flavor, almost like what you would expect the TARDIS to smell like, all mystery and mirth.

It lathered into shiny bubbles of joy on my body, filling the bathroom with that sweet and spicy scent.  I simply could not stop sniffing the bar again and again.  It smells that good!  I think SonicReckoning thought something was wrong with me every time he caught me sniffing the soap.  I promptly told him to leave me be with my Doctor!  By the way it also rinsed clean way from my skin, in case you were wondering.

While the TARDI-Soap did not transport me through time and space in my shower it did unfortunately leave my skin a little dry that required moisturizing afterwards.  The scent did not last too long either which I also found unfortunate.  Will I purchase again?  Of course!  Every one wants their very own TARDIS, even the Angels want the blue box.

TARDI-Soap can be ordered from GeekyClean.  Fish Custard not included with orders or so I have been told.  Also I believe the mold has changed as well to a more blue box like shape.

Know of any other Doctor Who products out there?  The Council of Gallifrey demands to know!


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