Fat Faeries Don't Fly - What do you mean I can't eat that?

I know, I know, I haven't posted anything about my (failed) attempts at getting into shape and getting healthy.  I have a few days of doing very well followed by twice as many days of not.  I walked a lot this weekend, but that doesn't make up for weeks of not exercising.  About the only thing that has gotten exercise is my fingers as they click click away at the keyboard.  I need a work out routine like George Jetson.  You remember the cartoon where George would lie on a couch and watch himself working out on a video.  Did he ever lose any weight that way cause I want to try that.

I digress, after enjoying a delicious and very unhealthy double cheeseburger at Five Guys (love this place) I realized I need to get serious about this.  I just turned 33, my cholesterol is all ready 2 points above normal, diabetes/heart disease/cancer runs in the family, you get the idea.  I'm not getting any younger or thinner.  Not that I think buxom isn't beautiful but I want to be a healthy buxom.  It's time for me to get serious and I'm asking that you duckies help keep me honest about that.  I'm going to start walking more and work my way up to work out videos and work out games, so my back doesn't flare up.  I'm going to log back into SparkPeople and start using my account again to help me track and stay on track as well.  And I would love it if you all would help motivate me too or share your stories.  Come on ladies let's get healthy, together!


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