Crayola Washable Colored Bubbles - Inner Child Approved

I'm a bit of a Crayola fiend.  Kind of comes with the territory growing up not far from where the crayons are made, seeing the crayons made first hand on school and Girl Scouting trips, and finally working at the Crayola Factory Discovery Center itself for a short time (I was one of the Creative troops that got to introduce kids to the Crayola Color Burst Crayons before they were released to the public for purchase).  Yes it might be in my blood.

So you can understand my girlish squees of delight when I found out Crayola was releasing Washable Colored Bubbles this summer.  I drove my family mad driving from store to store till I had acquired all 5 colors.
Wild Blue Yonder, Pink Flamingo, Screamin' Green, Sunset Orange, Purple Pizzazz

Okay maybe not mad but I was on a hunt and had to look every time we were shopping.  I finally attained all 5 colors and gave them a quick test.  I'm waiting for the weather to warm back up again before doing a full test plus blowing bubbles off a third story balcony doesn't give you the best bubble results one would hope for. 

Any way the colors come in Wild Blue Yonder, Pink Flamingo, Screamin' Green, Sunset Orange, and Purple Pizzazz.  They are as rich and vibrant like you would expect and hope for in colored bubbles.  They also lasted quite a long time before popping.  The bubbles come with a trio headed wand and the jar is contoured for easy gripping.  You do have to be careful removing and inserting the wand since the opening has a cut plastic gasket top of sorts which makes the bottle spill proof.  Also the wand is attached to the lid and I found that if you turned the wand vertically to use less dripping occurred.  The bubbles come with a long warning label, namely use them outside, may stain certain surfaces and clothes, wear play clothes when using, wash surfaces and clothes with soap and water, may require a second washing or good rain storm to clean surfaces, etc etc.  It's all listed on the bottle and on the Crayola website.  Crayola also offers a stain hot line that you can call for all of their products.  Parent bonus!

Screamin' Green
Wild Blue Yonder
Sunset Orange
Purple Pizzazz
Pink Flamingo
We did get the bubbles on our hands during initial testing, the blue color was the hardest to clean off.  It took about two good washes of soap and water to remove it from hands, but I expected that.  Blues tend to be that way for some reason.  That was really my only hang up so to speak, but this toy is meant to be used outside and designed to get a bit messy.  Playing with bubbles is about the cleanest messiest fun you can have.  Don't you agree?

Some stains on the patio
Stains on hands
Stains on arm and shirt
These are available at most toy stores, drug stores, craft stores, and other retail stores as well as from

What was your favorite messy fun thing to do as a child?


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