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You ever look back on a time in your life and wonder what you were thinking or wow I really did that?  I was sorting through our DVD/Blu-Ray collection and noticed how many shows from my High School and College years I had collected.  It also made me think of how many of the guys in these shows I wanted to marry or date.  So that got me thinking about a quick list for Wednesday to share.  The Top 5 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Guys of TV I Wanted!  Without further adieu (and in no particular order)...

Photo courtesy of The Twin's Website
Hugh Fitzcairn - Highlander
Of the neither here nor there...
Oh Hugh, how you loved women the world over and you're very long life.  You simply had to have them all didn't you and I must say you never left one unsatisfied.  Of course your ways did get you into serious trouble on more than one occasion that Duncan had to bail you out of.  Your zeal and lust for life always made me wish I could be yours, if only for one night...

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Iolaus - Hercules Legendary Journeys
When everyone else wanted Hercules I wanted you Iolaus.  Quick witted, funny, and blond hair I wanted never mind.  I only watched for you.  You never seemed to let anything get you down no matter how dire the circumstances.  I mean let's be honest you should have gotten your own show.

Photo Courtesy of Femme Fatalz
Xander Harris - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
You were such a huge dork!  And I loved every minute of it!!  You just wanted to help and be part of the team.  Even when you screwed up you still tried to make it funny.  I just wanted to gather you up in a giant hug and tell you how awesome you were.  My favorite episode is still The Zeppo to this day!

Photo Courtesy Sci-Fi Bloggers
Dr. Daniel Jackson - Stargate SG-1
Hang on I need a moment.  Hot, smart, wears glasses, and tragically misunderstood.  Yes please!!  How can a geeky girl not fall madly in love with you?  So wrapped up in your books and knowledge you didn't need a gun or Zat'nik'tel.  You had your BRAIN!!  Please take my exploring with you?

Photo Courtesy of Ugo
Dr Julian Bashir - Star Trek: Deep Space 9
Yes another doctor type but this one has an accent.  The kinda accent that makes women melt when he talks.  And being a doctor he can fix you up right as rain after you faint into his arms.  Always there with the right thing to stay, level headed in situations, and just dreamy all over.  Sigh...

So who did you go to sleep and dream about?


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