Spa Saturday - Soothing Suds Haul

It's Saturday and nothing I love more on Saturdays is to take it easy and give myself a home spa treatment.  Normally this consists of me drawing a hot bath, grabbing the latest book I'm reading, pouring myself some wine in my Wonder Woman coffee mug (practical yet geeky), and ignoring the rest of the world for a while.  Everyone needs a little time for themselves don't you agree. 

This week I was oh so very excited when my Soothing Suds haul appeared on the doorstep.  Oh Elaine how I love your products so!  Made from all natural and holistic ingredients as well as being gentle on my family's sensitive skin.  I stumbled upon Soothing Suds a few months ago while browsing for holiday gifts.  I appologize for not getting the reviews up yet about the first set of purchases made, they will be coming soon.  In the mean time allow me to share pictures from my second haul.

Soothing Suds Haul
I adore the care and attention she takes with wrapping and packaging each product.  Each item is labled individually and tied in place with ribbon.  In this purchase I picked up the following:

Chamomile Neroli Whipped Body Butter (loved my sample and had to order more!)
Satsuma Sugar Scrub (all ready have Pink Sugar Kiss Sugar Scrub and love it!)
Women's Shave Soap in Spiced Oatmeal, Milk & Honey
12 pk Bath Bombs with two each in Dragon's Breath, Berries & Lillies, Lavender, Apples & Oak, Sicilian Bergamot, Ambrosia, and Plum Blossom Tea
Grab Bag

For items like the Bath Bombs you have to select your scents when you order.  The Shaving Soaps are not normally listed on her Etsy site but a quick message to her can fix that and help you find out what scents to choose from for Men or Women.

Soothing Suds Grab Bag

I also ordered a Grab Bag and was very surprised with just how much was inside when I opened it.  Look at it all just tucked in there waiting to be used.  The Grab Bag came with:

Gingerbread Soap
Peppermint Twist Soap
Plumeria Soap
Cucumber and Aloe Facial Bar
Lump of Coal Sugar Scrub Cubes
Oatmeal Milk and Honey Sugar Scrub Cubes
Pure Shea Butter Body Butter
Masala Chai Lip Balm

I couldn't help testing the lip balm out immediately and the scent is amazing!  I am a sucker for Chai Tea at Panera and now when I can't get my fix the lip balm is there to save me!  I cannot wait to try all my goodies.  But first I am going to draw a nice bath, drop in a Dragon's Breath Bath Bomb, grab Mean Streets off the shelf and pour myself a lovely mug of wine.

Purchased from Soothing Suds

How are you celebrating Spa Saturday?


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