Royal Wedding of William and Kate

If you haven't noticed all ready Royal Wedding fever has struck the USA.  If you watch TLC at all you may have picked up on it sometime last week.  And for regular news watchers (side glance to @sonicreckoning) coverage of the Royal Wedding as well as recap shows of Diana and Charles' wedding are scheduled to air.  For me, I can't help being caught up in all of it.  So much so I'm planning on taking Friday off so I can be up at 3am to start watching the festivities.  I'll also be live tweeting and blogging during the wedding as well, giant boxes of tissues will be on stand by.  No I don't have a party planned, but I will be rocking my No More Waity Kaitie nail polish from Butter London (should have a review up soon) and if it arrives in time the matching lip gloss.

My organized brain has begun compiling a list of shows that are airing this week and I wanted to share with everyone here.  Who knows maybe one or three of you will be getting up early to watch too.  We can party online together!  Any way here is what I will be watching this week.  Information was compiled from descriptions are my summarized versions not the ones that appeared.

Wednesday April 27 at 8pmNBC
Inside the Royal Wedding
A documentary and behind the scenes look at the Royal Couple and all the work going into the big day.

Thursday April 28 at 8pmTLC
The Making of a Royal Wedding
Preparations for the big day are detailed.

Thursday April 28 at 9pmTLC
Countdown to the Royal Wedding
The upcoming wedding is discussed

Friday April 29 at 2amCNN
A Royal Wedding: The Marriage of William and Katherine
Live coverage begins

Friday April 29 at 3amBBC America
The Royal Wedding
Live coverage begins

William & Catherine: The Royal Wedding
Live coverage begins

Royal Wedding Pre-Show
Live coverage begins

Friday April 29 at 4amABC
Good Morning America---Royal Wedding
Live coverage begins as well as a host of interviews with past and present people from William and Kate's relationship as well as Diana and Charles'

The Royal Wedding
Coverage continues

Live From the Royal Wedding
Live coverage begins

Fox News
The Royal Wedding
Coverage begins

The Royal Wedding
Coverage continues

Friday April 29 at 5amFox
The Royal Wedding
Coverage of the wedding

The Royal Wedding
Coverage of the wedding

William & Kate: The Royal Wedding Presented by TLC
Coverage of the wedding

Friday April 29 at 11amABC
A Royal Wedding---The View
Goldie Hawn guest co hosts as talk of the Wedding continues

Friday April 29 at 1pmQVC
Royal Wedding Collectibles
Get your credit cards out to own some wedding memorabilia

Friday April 29 at 3:30pmBBC America
Royal Wedding Highlights
Recap of the day's events

Friday April 29 at 8pmCBS
The Royal Wedding: Modern Majesty
Recap of the day's events

TV Guide Network
Kathy Griffin's Insightful and Hilarious Take on the Royal Wedding
Recap of the day's events by the lovely and fabulous Kathy Griffin!

Friday April 29 at 10pmE!
Fashion Police Royal Wedding Special
Fashion recap of the day's events

MSNBC Special: Royal Wedding
Recap of the day's events

Saturday April 30 at 8pmTLC
The Royal Wedding: The Encore and More
When one encore show of the events isn't enough

My plan is to get some sleep Thursday night, get up at the ungodly ridiculous early hour of 3am on Friday and start watching.  I will most likely be tuned into BBC America since they promise live actual coverage from the UK.  The other channels will be on hot standby just to see a different view of the events.  I'm really looking forward to the day's coverage and the hats.  Granted I could wait till 9am and watch the repeat shows of the coverage but that just doesn't seem proper.  Now I just need to make sure I have enough caffeine on hand to stay awake.

Will you be tuning in on the big day?  Any parties or celebrations planned?


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