Overhaul Complete...for now

I think I am officially done tweeking the blog.  For now at least.  LOL  I wanted something a little crisper and less busy.  The previous background was just too much for the eye to deal with.  I think the color purple adds a nice touch to the blog, I've tightened up the side bar, and added some pages up top to click on.  I made some other tweeks too, like the addition of 'other posts you might like' to the bottom of each article, adding a reaction to the post section where you can tell me if you felt '<3, meh, or fail' about the reviewed item, and some other tiny touches that are too many to mention.  Please take some time to look around and give me feedback on the new look and layout.  I'd love to hear your take on how I can improve the blog for my readers. <3


Keto Cookbook said…
Hello thanks for posting this

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