MAC Wonder Woman Collection - Initial Thoughts

First off I updated the previous entry with Blush, Mineralize Skinfinish, Lipstick, and Lipglass Comparison and Dupes links as well as her Overall Recommendations for the MAC Wonder Woman Collection.  Go check it out HERE

Now for how I'm feeling...I'll be honest I'm really not.  Temptalia does some fabulous, detailed, and thorough reviews of products and I trust her viewpoints.  She didn't even list a single product as a "Must Have" from this collection and that is saying something about the quality, or lack there of.  MAC what are you doing?  I have been waiting, saving, lusting after this collection for a year and I look and I'm lucky if I'll be getting even a couple of products.  And so many of these are repromotes, granted I don't have those shades, but hardly anything new or limited edition.  It just saddens me a great deal.  Tons of great packaging, I was overlooking the steeper price in lieu of getting more product, and then you go and just let me all sorts of down by taking away the quality and punch that this collection should have.  *shakes head* I'm just so upset by this.  I did take the time to write down some notes of my own on the pieces I am considering.

(Any items that are numbered was done to show my order of preference.  I did this in case I decided to only get one or two items.)

Lipstick: 4)Marquise d’, 3)Russian Red, 2)Spitfire, and 1)Heroine.  Heroine looked like a lovely shining bronze and Spitfire was a lovely shade of pink, both shades I would wear.  Russian Red, a coveted shade among beauties, looks so orange that I don't think I could swing it.  Marquise d' has two woes, one it's a very very nude shade and two it looks like you aren't wearing anything on your lips.  What's the point in that?
Lipglass: 4)Emancipation, 1)Wonder Woman, 3)Athena’s Kiss, and 2)Secret Identity.  Wonder Woman reminds me of a color I might all ready have, if I do it will move to place 4.  Secret Identity is more of that luscious bronze I love.  Athena's Kiss is quite the pink it should be, if you like pink this is your pink.  Emancipation is another nude let down, why where nude if it looks like you aren't wearing lipstick.  I don't get that trend.  My hang up is that Temptalia pointed out that no matter how slowly and carefully she removed the wand from the tube, she always wound up with a dollop of gloss falling off the brush.  I guess I want to share my extra sized gloss with the sink, floor, and counter top.
Opulash Mascara: 2)Victorious, 1)Army of Amazons, 3)Themyscira, and 4)Black.  I'm a bit of a colored lash junkie.  Army of Amazons I would get since my collection lacks green.  Victorious also cause I don't have a bright purple, just a dark one.  Themyscira would give my collectiona blue that isn't bright, teal, dark, or sparklie.  I can see DragonMonkey rolling his eyes now.  He's saying "But do you need it?"  And I'd skip black cause I have a ton of black all ready.
Nail Lacquer: Temptalia didn't have these to review but I might take a chance on them.  I like nice bold reds and dark blues which is what these two should deliver.  I have some other MAC nail polish and can't complain so these might be worth the try.
Blush Duo: 2)Mighty Aphrodite and 1)Amazon Princess.  Amazon Princess is a nice peachy coral color, something that looks really nice on me.  Mighty Aphrodite was a serious pink shade.  My hang up with both of these is that the split is very uneven.  The lighter side is huge and the darker side is so small you can barely get a travel size blush brush to grab it.  Very reluctant.
Mineralize Skinfinish: 1)Pink Power and 2)Golden Lariat.  Pink Power looked like a nice pinky peach that would match any one.  But Golden Lariat was so bronze that a pale type like me would look odd wearing it.  My reluctance here is similar to the Blush Duos, sections that are just oddly shaped or too small to use.
Wonder Woman Makeup Bag: I would get these just to have on hand to grab and go.  But still considering this option because of the expense.
Wonder Woman T: It's an online exclusive that I will have to check out when it pops up online.
Invincible Mirror: It's just a mirror, but sometimes just having a mirror can be a good thing on hand.  Versus say a mirror in a compact that you have to hold the puff or arrange your fingers to not stick them in gloss when using.  Or something bigger than one of those lipstick case mirrors or brush/mirror combos.

Definitely Nots
Penultimate Eye Liner: It looks like a giant permanent marker.  Why would I want to use a giant sharpie to line my eyes.  What's delicate and feminine about that?  Big Pass.
Lash: I'm not that into lashes.  Don't even use the ones I have.  Pass.
Defiance Eyeshadow Quad, Lady Justice Eyeshadow Quad, and Valiant Eyeshadow Quad: These had such potential.  I was expecting bold and yet wearable by all colors with a buttery soft consistency.  Instead it's full of sheer washes, colors that can be easily duplicated, and hard as rocks that don't layer or blend all that well.  Heavily sighed pass.
Reflects Glitter and Pigment: I don't need more glitter or pigments.  And I really don't need colors that come with warning about what I can and cannot put on my eyes or lips.  Pass.
Utility Belt Eye Brush Set and Utility Belt Face Brush Set: I have more brushes than I need that I don't use.  Plus I'm skeptical of MAC brushes in collections since Tartan Tale let us all lacking and wanting.  MAC brushes are supposed to be coveted, but lately their collection and travel sizes leave you wanting.  And they come in a super shiny gold fanny pack.  Hello 1980s.  Pass.

Update Feb 7 - So I ended up getting the Opulash Mascara in Army of Amazons and Themyscira and the Lipstick in Heroine.  I also picked up 3 Lipcremes when I ordered.  I'll post some pictures soon. :D

So there you have it.  How are you feeling about it?


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