Ms. Pixie's Hairy Fairy, a Ladies Chocolate Shaving Bar Review

Bath drawn, check
Reading book, check
Gillette Venus 3 with a new blade, check
Geeky Clean's Hairy Fairy bar, check

I wanted to put this product through its paces and my legs not only gave the Hairy Fairy bar quite a challenge but could have posed as the name sake.  To give you a bit of background, I am cursed with a heritage that is both Italian and Polish/Lithuanian which resulted in my leg hair being thick, coarse, and dark.  Shaving is a process that I dread cause it is never quick and easy.  When I first stumbled upon the Hairy Fairy I was intrigued.  Could this product be the one that solves so many of my shaving woes?  The answer is yes.  I opened up the wrapping on the bar and took a nice long sniff.  Heavenly!  It was chocolatey, rich, creamy, and reminded me a of a perfect fudge brownie.  And that was just the smell.  The bar itself I could tell was handmade and contained more natural ingredients than a regular bar of brand name soap.  The heat from my hands caused a slight bit of melting not enough to make me worry.  I soaked in the bath for a time as is my ritual and then began.  The bar glided effortlessly over my legs as I applied leaving a swipe of chocolate in its wake.  Grabbing my razor I took the first swipe, followed by a second, third, and fourth.  Normally I have to swish the blade in water after each swipe due to the amount of build up on the razor.  With Hair
Fairy I was able to do 4 swipes before I noticed any build up and even that was mild.  A few swishes in the water and I inspected my razor blade.  Clean!  No gunk, no build up, no film, nothing.  I also tried a drying test.  I applied Hairy Fairy to a part of my leg and let it sit a few minutes till it "dried" before shaving.  This did not seem to affect the products ability to perform nor did it cause any change in build up on the blade.  Now I was sold.  This bar does and says what it claims and I will definetely be using this instead of canned lathers and creams.  Plus at $5.50 per bar I know I will get way more use out of this than any canned foam I have used.  I will of course need to track how many uses I get out of the bar to be sure but since I did not need to reapply as I normally have to I know this bar is going to exceed anything I have used in the past.

*The product glided onto my legs with ease straight from the bar and did not need reapplication. 
*It created it's own lather as my razor glided over my legs which was perfect for areas that I sometimes have to go over again.
*My razor did not gunk up at all.  Each swipe rinsed away cleanly from the razor blades with a few swishes in the bath water.  It also allowed for up to 4 swipes on my leg before needing to be rinsed.
*The lather and shaving residue rinsed cleaning off my legs as well as off the tub.  No shaving ring was left behind either.
*The bar itself had a very nice chocolate scent that I did find myself sniffing just because.

*Bar was a little slippery when wet.  Just enough to make you mindful and careful about your grip.
*I did notice a small amount of dryness on my legs about 15 min after shaving before I applied my lotion.  Not enough to be annoying but those with dry or sensitive skin may want to take this into mind when trying it.
*There was a faint hint of chocolate and clean scent after use but this did not last for very long.
*Being a bar soap you will have to purchase a soap dish or tin for storage.

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Overall: 4 out of 5 Faerie Wings

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Top view of unwrapped product

Bottom view of unwrapped product

Side view of unwrapped product


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