Build-A-Bear Star Wars Outfits - Han Solo and Princess Leia

Aren't.  They.  Just.  Too.  CUTE!! 

Doesn't it make you just want to hug and squeeze them and love them all over!!  Ahem. *composes self*  For Halloween this year DragonMonkey and I decided it was time to get new outfits for Chance and Chicklet, our Build-A-Bear Coyotes.  Well that's not really what happened.  See what happened was we were at the mall and I made a bee line for Build-A-Bear remembering that Star Wars outfits were available.  Which then lead to us deciding it was time to change their outfits for Halloween, after many girlish noises of joy and glee were exclaimed along with much jumping and hopping about like a child.  It was quite amusing actually, if you don't mind seeing an adult woman act like a child.  Any way, aren't they just adorable!  Here is a solo shot of each.

Chance as Han Solo
Chicklet as Princess Leia
So cute posing with our Tauntaun sleeping bag from  I also have some close up shots of their outfits as well.  Just to show off a few of the details.

This is Han's blaster.  It comes with an elastic band so you can attach it to your animals hand.  Thus far the cats have been unsuccessful in removing it.
Detail of Han's blaster belt.  It has a Velcro closure to hold it in place around the waist and for the blaster.  Also the vest comes attached to the shirt.  I would recommend leaving the plastic tags in place so you don't have to worry about losing it.
Detail of Leia's hair.  It slips onto the animal's head like a hat and all you have to do is make sure the ears are pulled through and secure.
Detail of Leia's belt.  This also comes attached to the dress with plastic tags.  Again I recommend leaving them in place so the Velcro closure doesn't fail you.

Both outfits are 5 piece outfits for $15 each at Build-A-Bear workshops and online.  Han's outfit comes with shirt, vest, pants, blaster belt, and blaster.  Leia's outfit comes with dress, belt, hair, and boots.  I presume each boot in Leia's outfit counts separately.  Han's outfit does not come with the black boots.  We purchased the Black Rubber Boots for $7 to complete Han's look.  These boots are also suggested for the Darth Vader look (not shown). 

Star Wars outfits available according to the online store are; Han Solo, Princess Leia, Darth Vader, Jedi Knight (very Obi Wan Kenobi), C-3P0, Anakin Skywalker, and Clone Captain Rex.  Remember not all outfits come with shoes so double check before making a final purchase.  Animals can cost $10-$25 depending on what you choose.  Chance and Chicklet are both Coyotes from the Wild Furry Friends line and were purchased online since many workshop stores do not carry every animal in stock.  Animals purchased online come pre-stuffed and ready for play.  This is nice if you are like me and find the whole animal stuffing process done in store a bit unnerving.  Also a Star Wars sound is available to be included inside your animal if you desire. 

We are planning on heading back to get the Darth Vader and Jedi Knight outfits.  I was a bit saddened that C-3P0 was available but not R2D2.  I can't have all my wishes granted I guess.  We are happy with our new look for our animals and think it's perfect!  They really do look lovely on our bed beside Tauntaun the sleeping bag.

Help me R2D2 Droid (phone) you're my only hope!


Chronic Geek said…
Fabulous! For a second I thought they were foxes and it reminded me of Disney's Robin Hood! <3

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