Brash and Bold FOTD - Pink Smokey Eye Look

I admit this idea was a bit of an experiment.  I tried a brand of cosmetics I've never used before and was unhappy with how it mucked up my look.  Despite the apparent eye creasing that is going on I think you still get the idea.

What you'll need...

MAC Venomous Villains Maleficent My Dark Magic Mineralize Eye shadow - pink side only
MAC Venomous Villains Dr. Facilier Brash and Bold Pigment
Jessie's Girl After Midnight Creme Eye shadow
MAC Venomous Villains Cruella de Vil Sweet Joy Eye shadow
Urban Decay Original Eye Primer Potion
Stila Black Shimmer Black Diamond Mascara
Too Face Lash Injection Pinpoint Mascara
Too Faced Black Lava Gloss Eye Liner

Benefit High Beam
MAC Venomous Villains Maleficent Violetta Lipstick
Urban Decay 24/7 Ozone Lip Liner
Benefit Prrrowl Pink Shimmer Gloss

MAC Venomous Villains Maleficent Briar Rose Beauty Powder
Too Faced Absolutely Invisible Candlelight
MAC Pro Longwear SPF10 NW20 Foundation

How To
Begin by applying Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion all over your lid and crease.  Next using your finger pat Jessie's Girl After Midnight Creme Eye shadow all over lid and into crease.  Using a flat eye shadow brush pat MAC Brash and Bold Pigment onto eye lid about 3/4 of the way up.  Using a flat eye shadow brush pat, do not sweep the pink side of MAC My Dark Magic Mineralize Eye shadow onto upper 3/4 of lid and into crease.  Using a flat eye shadow brush pat MAC Sweet Joy Eye shadow onto brow to highlight.  Very gently so as not to remove any of My Dark Magic gently sweep a puffy eye shadow brush or a soft blending brush along top of crease and brow to blend.  Using Too Faced Lava Gloss Liner line close to lashes of upper lid and along lower lash line.  Using a puffy shadow brush gently sweet to blend and smudge liner along lower lash line.  Curl lashes and apply Too Faced Lash Injection Pinpoint Mascara to upper and lower lashes.  Wait to dry and apply Stila Black Diamond Mascara to upper lashes.

Using a foundation brush apply MAC Pro Longwear Foundation to entire face, make sure to blend and buff.  Using a blush brush pat and gently blend MAC Briar Rose Powder to cheekbone.  Use a light hand to apply; you want it to be a hint of pink.  Using a puffy brush apply Too Faced Candlelight to entire face and a few extra taps on cheekbones.

Dab a tiny bit of Benefit Highbeam to lip's cupid bow and pat to blend.  Line lips with Urban Decay Ozone liner and lightly smudge onto lips.  Apply MAC Violetta lipstick.  Apply Benefit Prrrowl Pink Shimmer lip gloss to finish.

See what I mean about creasing going on in the lids.  Ugh!  If I do this look again I'm swapping out Jessie's Girl Creme Shadow for another black cream shadow.  I also might try this without an eye primer and see if that was the issue.  Please ignore the timestamp.  I did not know it was on when taking these shots.

A photo of me in my glasses to show you how this will look if you are a glasses person as well.  Don't you love how Highbeam makes my lips pop a bit?

Ugh disregard the creasing.  How this will look with eyes closed in glasses.


Chronic Geek said…
I really like how that looks with the glasses. I almost never wear makeup but I am want to try that pink eyeshadow. You look awesome!

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