Hello duckies!  I'm Corinne or as you've come to know me online, Geek Faerie.  I wanted to welcome you to my little carved out corner of the internet devoted to my love for all things geeky and nerdy.  You may find things a bit quirky around here, perhaps set just a few degrees off center.  Don't worry that is perfectly normal.  I started this blog with the hopes of bringing my passions out to share with others. 

You'll notice a bit of make-up and beauty along side my adventures in the culinary arts smooshed in with a big helping of geek and nerd love.  You also notice my extreme undying love for all things Wonder Woman.  She tends to be a regular theme in my blog as well as a strong role model in my life, along with Miss Piggy, Tinkerbell, and the TARDIS.  Of course with a love of geeky and nerdy things you would guess I work in IT.  I'm just a girl in a man's world showing those boys how much better I can do it in heels and a tiara.  *blows kiss*

So feel free to poke around the blog, comment, email me, or whatever you feel.  This blog is about balancing your loves and likes no matter how mish-moshed they might be.  Come, have a cup of tea with some fish fingers and custard and find a few friends along the way.  <3

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